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World's Ocean Day, a fight for survive.

Atualizado: 28 de Jun de 2020

As an ocean lover and dive instructor I feel the need to set examples and create awareness at the community that I work and teach.

Not just today at the World's Ocean Day, 08 of June, but in a daily basis in every action and speech.

From my experience the love and care for the ocean come with knowledge, so the diving community have a pretty big responsibility. We need to introduce the underwater world, shares information in a certain way so it can spread reaching bigger levels of awareness and actions, cause the human being only takes cares when there is love, proximity and respect.

The need for protection should be clean, but we always should remember that without a balance ocean there is no life. The sea and marine plants are responsible for 82% of Oxygen in the planet, the ocean is the source of protein for 3 billion people around the globe and coral reefs even only being present in 10% of the ocean is nursery for most of the species and works as protection for many coastal communities.

Being a model is super important at this moment and not only talking but acting. Display good diving habits and embrace personal changes in favor of a healthier ocean.

The personal changes seen small at the beginning but once you reach a level of conscious it's pretty powerful and when you can make others reflect is magic, it's a non-return moment for your future habits and behavior.

To achieve good personal changes my recommendation based in my experience is to act each area separated and in waves, trying to create habits and not just forcing yourself in hurtful changes in once.

For this matter there is plenty of R's philosophy, so I try to use the most complete one from simplest to more complex moments of consumption.

The 8 R's mantra for personal changes that I try to achieve is: Rethink/ Refuse/ Reduce/ Refill/ Repair/ Repurpose/ Rot/ Recycle.

Looking from inside out in our consumption, we should be able to rethink what's really important for our daily life helping to reduce and starting a snow-ball effect in all areas of your life, here are some examples that can help kick-start your journey.

Food: Prefer locally grown products, avoided plastic packing and rethink your diet decreasing the amount of meat. In the long run start the “rot” change and compost your organic food waste. Always carry a to go containers and avoid single use plastic for take away.

Clothes: Prefer second hand clothing. New pieces always releases micro-plastic in the first washes.

Transport: if possible walk and bike, green ways of moving are the best for the planet.

Shopping: Avoid online shopping and all the extra packed that comes with it. Support local brands. For food choose bulk shops and refill containers.

There are always possible improvements that can be made along the way. The important thing it's to start and embrace a healthier lifestyle for our planet.

One of the most effect change it's to donate time and get informed and involved, so you can advocate in favor of our oceans. So, read, participated of courses as blue oceans from SSI (free of charge), be part clean up and be part of a preservation networking to exchange ideas and solution, like Salty Warrios that I am proudly an ambassador.

Remember its everybody mission to save the ocean, it's matter of life and death so never leave it for someone else. RETHINK and ACT, be proud to be part of the change.


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