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The importance of the connectivity and e-learning for the diving community.

Atualizado: 28 de Jun de 2020

During the covid pandemic the world experience a different moment in the history and it brings a big question for the diving community and our lifestyle. We can't travel at the moment, we shouldn't share small spaces as the classroom or the boats and even the afternoon beer with the divelog is being threat, since in Thailand, where are I am based, faces an alcohol ban. We have a lot to think and many procedures that we will need to improve to keep the community safe. I had been reading many articles and this one stands up and it's a great analysis from Dr. Douglas Ebersole - physician, technical dive instructor, and a recovered COVID-19 patient ; https://www.divetech.com/post/diving-in-the-era-of-covid-19 My goal in this post is not analysis all that have been happening since it's out of my league and pretty new. Here I would like to focus the digital learning and the importance of keep connection with your diving circle. The online training is a reality and it was already pretty much alive but the lockdown and crisis bring a good punch to the subjective. The local shops are pretty advanced compared with diving resorts, where the core business was the moment experience and even the flora/ fauna from the destinations. In this first month with the lockdown I saw may centers changing their approach to the public and offering entertainment and information from digital medias. For one point of view this movement is great, we can hope to keep the divers engaged and creating a better connection in difficult times. In other hand still difficult to monetize some online courses. I have been teaching online during this period and as an SSI instructor, I am offering 100% online training the nitrox course, marine ecology and science of diving. Over one week of promotion there is 8 new nitrox divers, so I can consider this a good result for this uncertain situation. At moment the e-learning is working for already certified divers, since the community is focusing in specialities programs or "more specific" talks. Between Pura Vida and some of our staff we are working in some online projects: - Saturday Talks - Pura Vida Koh Tao Instagram - @diving.renatoalves - Nitrox Courses and pro career consultancy - @jordi_bardolet - Nitrox Course and tech diving talks SSI is also facilitating some training, so if you are interested in reading or get familiarize with the digital system, I can help granting access for any material without need of a deposit or anything, so if you wish some info just ask me. Other movements that SSI launch are the Science of Diving course free of charge until end of June (info here) and a series of lives in their facebook page. As an instructor located in remote tropical island, I still face the challenge of calling attention from the no-divers for online training and how to expand my digital portfolio as I predict that the online training marketing for diving will growth even after the pandemic. Have any thought in digital training and how to accommodate it in the resort routine?

Share your ideas, the diving community need some fresh thoughts and move forward.

@diving.renatoalves =)

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